Jan 15, 2007

Welcome to my new Digital Designs Site!

I am excited to share my designs! I would like to eventually sell them. I would love to have them actually printed. I can't give up paper in my hands yet! But, I have found so much joy, yes joy, in the process of creating the designs. And I'd love to share them. I would also like to have feedback! So, as long as I get some feedback, I will continue to share freebies. But if I don't get the feedback, I may have to call it quits on freebies! No pressure! LOL! Feedback does help me a ton. It lets me know what you are thinking. And it can keep me motivated in ways nothing else can!

So, please post to let me know what you like. Let me know what you secretly wish I'd come up with. Let me know if you'd like a certain color set. Whatever you are thinking, as long as it is polite, I'd love to hear!

I am moderating comments, and there is the verification. But that is due to some seriously unwanted comments/solicitations I've had on another blog. I want to keep this clean and spam free!


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