Jun 14, 2007

Update to my TOU- S4O/S4H is ok!

I have updated my Terms Of Use to allow you to use my designs in Scrap For Hire work or Scrapping For Others. The new TOU are stated below. This does not apply to Professional Photographers use, please read below:

***UPDATE- 6/13/2007***
I allow S4O (Scrapping For Others/ Scrap For Hire) with no fees, no notification and no credit to the client required with the following conditions:
**any of my kits with this updated TOU file.
**as long as the client only receives the final products in print form or as a flattened file.
**This covers layouts, candy wrappers, greeting cards or business cards only. If you are wanting to create anything else please send me an e-mail and let me know what you'd like to do! I will give you written permission after reviewing the details. :)

***This does not cover professional photographers. You will need a separate professional license.

I will be offering a separate professional license for professional photographers to purchase. If you are interested in this license please contact me for the details and pricing.

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