Apr 2, 2007

Memory Monday!

Is it really Monday already?!?! I am telling you they sneak up on me! And our school district has "early day" on Mondays. Like it isn't hard enough to get the errands run and pick up the kindergartener already. Let's shorten the school day and see how many moms forget to be there on time! LOL! I wasn't late today, but it was a close call.

So, half way through the afternoon I remember I haven't posted today's layout. Sorry about that! Hopefully you'll feel inspired to scrap something today!
This is all digital. All supplies are from Krista Ringham's Spring Breeze kit.

If you like online crops come join me April 13-15th at http://www.ScrapGalaxy.com ! We are going to have a blast! I am designing a big digi kit for anyone who participates in two or more of the digi challenges! It is going to be awesome! (Even if you don't do digi- there will be even more paper challenges!) I hope you come over to play- and drop by and say hello!

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