Oct 7, 2008

Spookalicious Freebie with Purchase (of Monster Trap)!

Ok, I am a little behind this week. I admit it. But, it was for a very, very good reason!


I have a new blog, now integrated with my website! And.....

there's more....

I have a new gallery! It is open to the public!

I can't tell you how excited I am! I have wanted a gallery, but the free ones just never worked well. So I saved and waited, and finally grabbed a great one on sale! Woohoo! (See, I totally understand the beauty of shopping a sale. hee hee) So I want to invite you guys to use the gallery! I don't mind if other products are in the pages, but I am requiring that it must feature something from my store. I think that's pretty fair. You can definitely credit whatever designers you used, but no linking directly would also be appreciated.

Ok,so I have new releases to announce, Lucky Sun has a new palette just for the winter & Fall holidays, and Hollie has some more great quick pages! Not to mention awesome pages that are rocking other galleries (and now they can rock mine!) and yes, the freebie I mentioned! It is a fun filled post today!

I wanted to remind you that you can sign up for e-mail subscriptions when I post, so you don't miss out on the freebies. They will be a strict 24 hour deal (unless combined with a New Release, then you have 2-3 days). No exceptions! Once I remove them they are no longer free! So if you like them, you may want to subscribe! I also placed a few other subscription thingies around the blog for those of you who want to get them some other way.

Just a general note before I forget- All of these items are available at Plain Digital Wrapper. However, the New Releases won't show up in the store until Wed. Oct 8th!

So, the New releases:

These are going to be the $2 Tuesday special

(which actually goes for 3 days now.)

And with the freebie that is a killer deal!

Which we all love to get! Myself included!

Monster Trap

Monster Trap

Buy Monster Trap for just $2 and you

get Spookalicious FREE!

But hurry, the free offer expires with the New Release price!


Quick Cards Set 1

Quick Cards Set 1

Designer Palettes- Holiday Edition!

The other palettes have nearly sold out. So Lucky decided it was time for just a holiday edition. It covers most, if not all, of the Fall and Winter (for her hemisphere) holidays!

The names are listed in the store and will clue you in better.

Deigner Palettes Holiday Edition

And another set of fantastic

Quick Pages from Hollie!

In fact, 1-2 more sets will be loaded this week, I just haven't kept up since she is creating like a whirlwind!

Chillin QP Set 2

And here are the new Layouts I have pics of to share with you! (By the way, if you do, and I hope you do, load anything into the new gallery I may snag it for a blog post or newsletter! If I do I will credit you with 25 bonus points in the store for each page I use!) I love looking at all the beautiful pages you make, and I am always so impressed, amazed and even awed by the ideas you have for my products! So thank you for sharing them with me! (If you click on the Layout Artist's name you can go to their gallery and leave them love!)

Sample by Hollie

Sample by Hollie using Monster Trap

Sample by Hollie

Sample by Hollie using Monster Trap

Sample by Nanasdinky

Sample by Nansdinky using Monster Trap

Sample by Hollie

Sample by Hollie using Monster Trap

Sample by PeacefulAngel

Sample by PeacefulAngel using Farmer's Market

Sample by Tammy

Sample by Tammy using Monster Trap

Sample by PeacefulAngel

Sample by PeacefulAngel using Monster Trap

Sample by Nansdinky

Sample by Nansdinky using Farmer's Market

Ok, that wraps it up for me. I am off to do the dishes! I hope you have fun scrapping. And thank you so much! I hope to see you in the gallery!

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