Oct 1, 2008

Missed the Freebie? Subscribe to the Blog

I know some of you missed the freebie. And I am sorry! But it is gone. I would suggest using the box to the left to subscribe to this blog. :) I am only going to have freebies up for 24 hours. I won't extend it because it is pretty much a bonus to blog readers!

So if you want to get the notices when I post the freebies you are gonna have to bookmark me and check every day or subscribe. I plan to have a freebie up for 24 hours each time I put new products in the store. It works well for me to add them all at the same time. I stay focused. LOL! So, if you subscribe you will see the Two Buck Tuesday post and that is your cue!

I am hoping to release things each week. But with the way this week has gone I may have to plan for every other week. I will see what happens. I am craziest at the first of the week, so maybe I will be ready come next Tuesday.

Also, I added a new store subscription this morning. You can now sign up for a monthly newsletter or the weekly one. The weekly one will have the blog post in it, so you will actually get the notice for the freebies if you sign up for that.

To change your store newsletter subscription:
sign in at DigiApeDesigns. Then log in to your account and edit your profile. The newlsetter signup boxes are at the bottom. If you are signed up for the newsletter already- it is the monthly one. I won't automatically switch you to the weekly one!

Ok, I have to get moving on dinner or we will be eating cereal. Which my kids would love, but I don't think my tummy will be very full. :)

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