Sep 30, 2008

Credit Cards & Free Shipping

I was up so late last night getting things ready for Two Buck Tuesday I forgot to tell you the news!
I am now able to accept credit cards!
You have the option of Paypal or you can just pay with a credit card! I have had a few requests. So, hopefully it will make it easier for some of you if you don't have to use Paypal!

And the other things I forgot to mention, duh!
Today is the LAST day of free shipping!

So if you are planning on any hybrid gifts you should grab the supplies today! I will ship everything out either today or tomorrow depending on how long you wait to order! :) But don't pass this up! I don't think I will ever offer if again!

Thanks! Have a great day!

***I have had a few people who are having trouble with logging in!
Please note this info-
If you get the message:
"Please make sure you properly filled in all the required fields!"
then there is something that isn't filled in properly! (Well, that it thinks isn't), OR we have found that Internet Explorer is causing this issue. If you are using IE you may find that using Firefox solves the problem!

If you are not using IE:
Make sure that all of the fields marked with an "*" are filled in.
Also, The password must be different from the username.
The password also must be 5 or more characters.

If you are still having trouble after this then please e-mail me(use the addy in the top left contact me spot over there)! I will help you create an account on the backend. ***

Thanks! I want to help, but I am about to take off to get the dog his shots and then I will come home and run kids to lessons all afternoon. So I won't be here to help for a few hours! I don't want to leave you hanging!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have tried numerous times to get your freebie at DAD, filled out the form correctly..and keep getting this irritating message:

**Please make sure you properly filled in all the required fields!**

Help! :)