Sep 29, 2008

Two Buck Tuesday!

Fabulous New Releases at DigiApeDesigns!
New Releases $2 for 2 DAYS!
(images are clickable, or find them under New Releases)
CU products not included, but still on sale!)

I also have a FREEBIE for you- it will only be available until midnight September 30th (MST)! And only my blog readers get the heads up about it! (Freebie has expired, and is in the process of being added to the full kit. I am remaking the previews, but if you purchase Farmer's Market the download for the add on will be included!)

So here are the New Releases in the store for Two Buck Tuesday!

Also available at PDW Click Here
Samples with Quick Photo Cards Set 1

Also available at PDW Click Here
Samples with QuickCards Set 2

Also available at PDW Click Here

Also available at PDW Click Here

Also- Newly added to PDW and on sale only at PDW:

And here are some fabulous new layouts from my incredible CT and some I found while browsing galleries!

Layout by Peaceful Angel using Almost Forks

Layout by AbsolutArtist1 using Farmer's Market

Layout by Hollie using Farmer's Market

Layout by Marie using Farmer's Market

Layout By Tammy using Farmer's Market (and some fabulous crease overlays)

Layout by pepeetje2104 using Belle (this is one I snagged from the DST gallery!)
Layout by Nanasdinky using Belle

Layout By Tammy using Farmer's Market

***Freebie has expired and is now part of the full Farmer's Market Kit!***
And for those of you who made it this far in the post... Thank you! I have a freebie for you! It will be removed tomorrow at midnight my time. So hurry hurry hurry! The freebie is an add-on to Farmer's Market. I love that color palette. And I was asked to make more patterned papers and I agree it was needed. So I also threw in a few more elements. This freebie will be combined with the original kit later this week and will be available for purchase. But you can snag this right now and get the complete set for a lower price! (Especially if you grabbed Farmer's Market when it was a new release!) So your link to the store is right here. It is only free at DAD, if you grab it at PDW it will be $2). You will need to scroll down a bit, they are in alphabetical order. You won't find it on the home page. I am trying to make it so that my blog readers can find it, that way it pays to read! Here's your peek at the freebie! And thank you so much for being a customer! Check back next week for the next Two Buck Tuesday! And if you make any pages with my kits please send me a link, I'd love to see them!
Have a great day!

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Tami said...

Wow, awesome! Only I can't get it to download...won't get past the security warning. So disappointed! I tried and tried. Maybe I can snag your freebie next time. *boo hoo*

April said...

I am not sure what the error is you are getting. I don't get an error when I "purchase" it. Maybe try again? I haven't had anyone say they've had trouble. Make sure you don't have a pop up blocker or firewall causing the trouble. And if you can send me a copy of the error message it may help! I will do what I can to help you!

Sue said...

WOW!! What a great freebie... thanks for sending the link out in your newsletter.