Sep 4, 2008

Finally! Farmer's Market

Sorry I didn't get this up until the last minute. Had a few crazy things going on, and my computer does not seem to like Vista's SP1. :(

Anyway- the CT kit is now up in the store! I will remove it when I am ready to, no specific time will be given! If you want to apply grab the kit and let's see what you can do!

*Note* the kit is not a full kit. I know this. But I wanted to see how flexible and creative you are. And I am sure some people will just be grabbing it and running. And that's ok. But that was partly why I didn't put all the pieces in. :) I do spend a lot of time on these and I appreciate having customers that appreciate the time put in to quality products. So, as far as the CT team- yeah, you will probably wish there was this or that in the kit. But show me what you can come up with on a limited supply!


Dielle said...

April, I'm not taking the kit, since I'm not applying for your CT. But it's gorgeous, as are all your newest kits. I happened to see your new avie and was shocked. I don't know why, but I've always thought you were blonde, LOL. You look great, though!

Bek said...

April this is a gorgeous kit! WOW. Lovely fall colors without the pressure of fall elements. So versatile. Great job!

Anonymous said...

thanks! Hope I make the team :)